Information Regading COVID-19


Regarding patients booked for surgery in the upcoming weeks I am sure that you are already overwhelmed with questions and concerns.

Here is some information that can help you decide whether to proceed with your scheduled operation.

Currently the information source that we should all be referring to is the Department of Health website. It is clearly set out here what common symptoms are and when to test.

  1. Runny nose and sneezing are not a symptom of COVID-19 infection so people with post nasal drip, chronic snot or hay fever who are otherwise well are ok to proceed with surgery.
  2. Any patient or parent of a patient who has the following symptoms should reschedule and contact the Health Information line about whether they require testing: fever, muscle aches and pains, coughing, sore throat, shortness of breath. The Coronavirus Health Information line is 1800 020 080. No need to run this past your anaesthetist as it is a definite reschedule.
  3. Any patient who has travelled overseas in the past two weeks : most private hospitals are now not admitting these patients. You can check with the individual hospital as each has a separate policy which is also evolving daily.
  4. Patients with contact with a known Covid-19 case should self-isolate for two weeks and NOT present for surgery.

At present we are working hard with our surgeons to get as many operations done as possible before things get busier. It is possible that private hospitals may be enlisted to help with the crisis in the coming weeks, until then it is scheduled surgeries as usual. Rest assured all protective measures are being taken, we are keeping up with evolving information daily, and are still washing our hands often like we have done for years 🙂

Please fill out the patient health questionnaire or patient enquiry with any questions you may have.

Very best wishes,
Dr Kirsty Morgan and Dr Matt Griffiths