Going Home

Mr and Mrs Gas Home

The best part of any operation is going home. More and more procedures are now done as day of surgery cases, so you go home on the same day.


  1. Someone needs to pick you up. Not a taxi, not a bus, not a train and not a push bike. This person or someone else should stay with you overnight if you live alone.
  2. Do not drive for 24 hrs after a general anaesthetic, or whilst you are still taking strong prescription pain medications.  
  3. Do not operate any heavy machinery or power tools.
  4. Do not sign any legal documents or make any important decisions


  1. You may be sent home with some prescriptions (which may have already been made up for you). Commonly you will be sent home with pain relief medication, make sure you understand what your medications are and how to use them. If in doubt ask your anaesthetist.
  2. Stock up on simple pain medications such as Paracetamol before you come to hospital
  3. That you understand how to manage any dressings or wounds.
  4. What sort of physical activities you are allowed to do.
  5. That you have follow up appointments or information to make these appointments.
  6. That you have contact details of the hospital, surgeon and anaesthetist in case you have any problems when you go home.


Remember to take it easy for a day or so after you go home. Follow any instructions given to you by your medical team. It is not uncommon to feel tired,dizzy,lethargic or emotional.  It may take a few days for sleep patterns to return to normal. Remember to drink plenty of water and eat regularly. Most of our patients will get a call or SMS from us in the first 48 hours to see how you are progressing, however if there are any problems prior to this please make contact with your anaesthetist.